Double head high frequency plastic welding machine

The double head high-frequency membrane welding machine using an electromagnetic field to bond two plastic materials together.No external heat is required. It is a clean manufacturing process with tiny interference to outside devices. The machine widely used in many industries, such as Apparel,leather,footware,and leather machinery.

The double head high frequency plastic welding machine is also called foot pedal high-frequency welding machine, high-frequency film welding machine, and PVC welding machine, etc. It is a standard T type high-frequency welding machine mainly used for the production of raincoat, leather logo embossing, shower curtain, photo albums,plastic bag, and so on.Materials for this high-frequency membrane welding machine are PVC and PU. After welding, the bonding seam is almost the same as the surrounding materials or even stronger.                              


1) Double head and foot pedal.                                 

2) Anti-spark devices to ensure the safety of moulds and materials.

Specification of double head high frequency membrane welding machine
Model No. H. F. Output (KW) Input Power (KVA) Power Supply (VAC) Oscillation Frequency (MHZ) Protection system Lower Electrode Size(MM) Oscillation Tube Mechanical  Dimensions (L*W*H) MM  N.W. (KGS)
JGP- 2.8T(G) 2.8 4.5 1-Phase 220 OR 3-Phase 380 OR Customized AC Voltage and frequency 40.68 Standard anti-spark protection / Overload current protection(    High sensitivity anti-spark system is required.) 300*650 Or Customized. E3062 1560 1200 1450   220
4T(G) 4 6.5   250
5T(G) 5 8 7T85RB   260
6T(G) 6 10 7T69RB   300
1760 1200 1450

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