Gantry sliding plate high frequency welding equipment JGP-35H

The gantry sliding plate high-frequency welding equipment is used for large area welding, the power ranges from 35KW to 100KW.OEM and ODM services are available.

The gantry sliding plate high-frequency welding equipment or high-frequency plastic welder is suitable for large area welding of garment, fabric, tents, tarpaulin and PVC Membrane, inflatable toys, etc, such as inflatable boats, inflatable pools, shower curtains, window curtains, etc.    


1) Large plate with pneumatic model.                                                                                                                                            

2) Strong output power.                                                                                                                                                                 

3) High sensitive anti-spark protection for high-frequency molds and materials.                                                                        

4) Overcurrent protection.

 Specification of gantry sliding tray high frequency welding equipment JGP-35H/SQ~JGP-100H/SQ
Model number H. F. Output  (KW) Input Power (KVA) Power Supply (VAC) OscillationFrequency (MHZ) Protection system Electrode Size(MM) Oscillation Tube Mechanical Dimensions (L*W*H)MM  N.W. (KGS)
JGP- 35H/SQ 35 60 3-P 380AC/50Hz or Customized. 13.56-20 Standard anti-spark protection/Overcurrent protection. Upper :1000*1800  Lower: 1200*2000 8T87 6500 3200 2800 2550

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