T Head Pressurization electric heating hf Welding Machine

Pressurization electric heating hf Welding Machine is used for welding of thicker material products, such as Eva, leather. Applying external pressurization and dielectric heating, the output power is stronger and the operation is easier and labor-saving.

T Head Pressurization electric heating hf Welding Machine using an additional booster to enhance welding pressure. The maximum pressure is up to 5 tons. Application materials for this pressurization dielectric heating hf Welding Machine include Eva, leather, foam, and so on. It can be used for welding thicker products, such as shoe logo embossing, leather logo embossing, shoe upper, basket labels, and so on. The principle of hf welding is to fuse materials synchronously by applying high-frequency energy to the area to be joined. The resulting join can be as strong as the original materials or even stronger.                                                           


1) One of the biggest advantages of the hf Welding Machine is a clean manufacturing process. Because the only materials needed to hf welding is the material itself. There are no adhesives or by-products involved during the hf welding process.                                    

2) The second advantage is the inexpensive tooling. Most of the hf welding tooling is cheap.                                             

3) Fast welding cycles that are around 10 seconds.

 Specification of T Head Pressurization dielectric heating hf Welding Machine
Model number H. F. Output  (KW) Input Power (KVA) Power Supply (VAC) OscillationFrequency (MHZ) Protection system Electrode Size(MM) Oscillation Tube Mechanical Dimensions (L*W*H)MM  N.W. (KGS)
JGP- 5T/ZRG 5 8  1-Phase 220 or 3-Phase 380 or Customized. 40.68 Standard anti-spark protection / Overload current relay(   High sensitivity anti-spark protection) 350*700 7T85RB 1680 1200 2200 320
6T/ZRG 6 10 3-Phase 380 or Customized.  High sensitivity spark protection / Overload current relay 7T69RB 1760 1200 1880 350
8T/ZRG 8 15 27.12 1760 1200 2230 460
12T/ZRG 12 20 20-27.12 E3130  1880 1200 2230 500
15T/ZRG 15 25 8T85RB 2040 1200 2230 520

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