T head Air operated & Electric Heating hf Welding Machine

The T type double head air operated high frequency welding machine using pneumatic power and external heating to ease welding process.Stronger output power than the standard hf welding machine.

The T head Air operated & Electric Heating hf Welding Machine equipped with the double foot pedal, two electric-heated head, and high sensitive spark resistant apparatus, which make it convenient and safe for the operator to operate this hf welding machine.Labor-saving and energy-saving.The processing method is to place thermal plastic between the upper and lower electrode. After power on, the electrical energy causes the molecules of materials to vibrate and generate heating, together with outside heating and air-operated pressure and maintained pressure, the material is fused and a weld has been created. Used for plastic blister packing making, cosmetic bags, leather embossing, thermal fuse, towels, vehicle interior accessories such as reflective film heat-seal, car seat cushion. The most common materials for this hf Welding Machine are PVC and PU. Both round and square buckets are applicable for the 5KW hf machine, the square drum is applied to over 6KW hf welding machine.                                     


(1) Overcurrent protection to protect the oscillation tube, rectifier and frequency deviation                                                        

(2) Strong dual foot pedal to generate 400KGS pressure to meet most operating conditions. Good quality components also make these machines work smoothly and precisely. 

(3) The output power of this hf welding machine can be adjusted at the tuner according to electrode size and material thickness.   

(4) The frequency stabilizer and high frequency magnetic leakage suppressor are used to suppress the Jamming.

Specification of T head Air-operated & Electric Heating Welding Machine

Model Number H. F. Output (KW) Input Power (KVA) Power Supply (VAC) OscillationFrequency(MHZ) Protection system ElectrodeSize(MM) Oscillation Tube Mechanical Dimensions (L*W*H)MM  N.W. (KGS)

JGP- 5T/QRG 5 8 1-Phase 220 or 3-Phase 380 or Customized. 40.68 Or 27.12  Standard anti-spark system / Overload current relay(  High sensitivity spark protection) 300*650 or 400*750 or Customized. 7T85RB 1560 1200 1850 290

6T/QRG 6 10  3-Phase 380 or Customized. 27.12 High sensitivity anti-spark protection / Overload current relay 7T69RB 1760 1200 1850 325
8T/QRG 8 15 350*700 or Customized. 1760 1200 1880 430
12T/QRG 12 20 20-27.12 E3130  1880 1200 1910 500
15T/QRG 15 25 8T85RB 2040 1200 1880 500

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