Application and precautions of blister packaging machine

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Application and precautions of blister packaging machine


A blister packaging machine is used for the heat sealing of blister paper cards, also named as blister heat sealing machines, blister packaging sealing machines, and paper card blistering, packaging machines, blister paper card packaging machines, etc. Blister packaging is widely used in modern products. It is easier to highlight the appearance and performance of products than traditional packaging. Blister packaging machines can also provide better protection protects than traditional machines.  


Materials used by the blister packaging machine


Blister packaging is called a blister, including PVC, PET, PS, PP, etc. Among these four blister materials, only PVC and PET materials and paper card heat sealing are popular, and PS and PP are only used for product inner support or the food industry. PET blister packaging material is an internationally recognized environmental protection material, which is subdivided into APET, PETG, PETE, etc. Different blister packaging heat sealing methods use different materials, PET blister packaging is generally used for export to Europe, America, and Japan. These countries require environmentally friendly materials for blister packaging materials. PVC blister materials are usually are most widely used in China and Southeast Asian countries, mainly because the material price is cheaper than PET.  


Precautions for the blister packaging and paper card

When the blister packaging and the paper card are heat-sealed, the size of the paper card is 2MM larger than the blister to avoid the blister exceeding the paper card after the blister and the paper card are heat-sealed, which will affect the appearance, and durability of the heat-sealing mold. The heat sealing edge of the blister and the paper card is generally between 8MM and 12MM.  If the weight of products exceeds 3KG, the double-sided blister high-frequency machine is most suitable. The packaging method of paper card and blister heat sealing is only used for lightweight products.


Precautions for paper card blister packaging machine


Products pressed by a paper card blister packaging machine need to be oiled for blistering (To  find a color printing factory). If the blister is PVC oil, the paper card can be used with ordinary PVC blister oil or environmental protection oil, but If the blister is an environmentally friendly material, it must be coated with environmentally friendly oil, otherwise, the sealing effect will not be ideal.

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